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Insurance That Fits is committed to consumer education before the sale.  Most of our clients have never been educated as to how their insurance works.  We can’t make you an expert in one or two appointments, but we can help give you enough information to make good choices.


States We Serve

Insurance That Fits is committed to helping you find insurance that fits needs and your budget.  We specialized in Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, and Health Products for all age ranges in the states of Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Types of Insurance

Insurance That Fits understands what is happening with health insurance reform.  We know all the available options including membership in organizations where medical bills are shared (Health Care Bill Sharing).  Our focus in on Individual Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Part D Plans, Life Insurance, Annuities.

We also act as New Member Representatives for Health Care Bill Sharing organizations.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare Supplements are our preferred product for those using the Medicare system.  If you want to use any doctor in the country that takes Medicare then you need a Medicare Supplement (also known as Medi-Gap).  That is much different than the state-based networks imposed by Medicare Advantage plans.

Another plus for Medicare Supplements is that you are much less likely to run into a utilization review vs a Medicare Advantage Plan where they are used regularly.  During a utilization review, the insurance company reviews your care and treatment plans.  Then they may decide not to cover certain procedures.

They could also require other procedures to be tried before the treatment that your doctor wants to prioritize.  Stay in control of your healthcare by utilizing the public option (Medicare) along with a good Part D plan, and a supplement. Let Insurance That Fits walk you through the process when you turn 65 and first enroll in Medicare.

Committed to fitting the need, fitting the budget…we are committed to helping you find Insurance That Fits.

Insurance Coverage: Disability, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare, Dental Insurance and Long Term Care.