Once you do the math you will see that Dental insurance is one of the best values in the world of insurance.

It all hinges on having your preventive care taken care of twice a year.  Those claims are paid at 100% by many policies.   Name another type of insurance where two claims a year would be paid at 100% year after year.  You can’t because there aren’t any.

The Math

Premium –   $411.36 total annual premium

Two cleanings, exams, and one set of bitewing X-Rays a year paid at 100% = $325

That leaves $86.36 / 12 = $7.20 a month in premium you have paid.  That $7.20 a month gets you 80% coverage on things like cavities or simple extractions or 50% coverage on big ticket items like root canals.

Healthy Habits

People with dental insurance take care of their teeth much more pro-actively than people without.

Those with dental insurance are 200% more likely to have their preventive work done than those without dental insurance.


It is the build up of bacterial residue that calcifies.  Left untreated it can start to move below the gum line and cause some super serious issues with tooth and even bone loss.  By the way…sugar from sweets when combined with plaques forms acids that eat at the enamel of your tooth.  Plaques can also be a contributing factor in heart disease and diabetes.