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Insurance That Fits, has coverage that fits all lifestyles & stages of life. We make it convenient to protect everyone in your family.

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With so many options to choose from, how do you know what’s best? We provide you with a NON-BIASED coverage analysis. Giving you some peace of mind and affordable coverage where you need the protect MOST.

Medicare Supplement enrollee with grandchildren

Medicare is great!  Most of my clients that are in their early 60’s don’t want to get older, but at the same time…they cannot wait to get to Medicare!

You paid in a bit on each paycheck during your working career and now, when you retire part of your coverage has no premium. That’s not a bad thing. Now, there is a premium of $134 (typical in 2018, but it can vary) a month that will likely come out of your Social Security check, but that is far, far less than you would pay for a policy on the open market.

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A family of four that needs health insurance.

Health Insurance is a mystery to some, but at Insurance That Fits we think everyone should have some understanding of the policy they are buying.

Every policy regardless of the Insurance Company has the same three stages:  Deductible, Co-Insurance, and Out of Pocket Maximum.  There are other optional benefits your policy may or may not have such as Co-Payments.

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Construction worker that might need a disability policy

Most people don’t even think about disability insurance.

The fact is you are much more likely to use disability insurance than you are to die during the term of a term life insurance policy.  A 25-year-old entering the workforce has a one in four chance of some period of disability before he or she retires at 65.  But how many people have disability insurance?  Not many?  Why?  I think the need is just not well known.

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A mom with dental insurance.

Once you do the math you will see that Dental insurance is one of the best values in the world of insurance.

It all hinges on having your preventive care taken care of twice a year.  Those claims are paid at 100% by many policies.   Name another type of insurance where two claims a year would be paid at 100% year after year.  You can’t because there aren’t any.

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A couple that needs a Long Term Care policy.

Everyone is scared to death of long-term care insurance premiums.

However, most people have never had an estimate done…they just assume what they have heard is true.  Don’t believe everything you hear.  It may only be expensive if you are buying too much!

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A family of four that needs life insurance.

At Insurance That Fits we know everyone needs life insurance.

We also believe everyone needs affordable life insurance. Our philosophy is not about selling you every cent of coverage we can ring out of your wallet, but instead to simply give your survivors a fighting chance financially.

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