Life Insurance

At Insurance That Fits we know everyone needs life insurance.

We also believe everyone needs affordable life insurance. Our philosophy is not about selling you every cent of coverage we can ring out of your wallet, but instead to simply give your survivors a fighting chance financially.


Hard to place cases

Unlike health insurance, life insurance companies can (and will) hold pre-existing conditions against you.  However, not all companies look at a given condition the same way.  I broker my life insurance so I work with carriers that will give you a chance.

Term Insurance

Term insurance covers you for a specific period of time (a “term”).  Depending on the company a term could be as little as 10 years or as many as 30 years.  Since I broker my life insurance I shop from 20+ companies to make sure you are getting the best rates

Permanent Insurance

Permanent insurance is kind of like a savings account that can only be used for one thing BUT the account is full from day one.  Lots of agents will point to cash values, the potential increase in coverage, etc.  While all those things may be true, don’t get a permanent policy for those reasons.  Get it because it will be around when you get yours.